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Antonio Cannizzo Design expresses its creativity by letting itself be guided by logos.
A principle, which although absolutely abstract, is embodied in something material, and more precisely in its jewels.

This is how they take shape: by reifying this logos, which, in its deepest substrate, reveals itself to be dynamic, and often even contradictory. Just as nature, dominated by a continuous presence and struggle of opposing elements, loves to hide behind an apparent linearity.

Behind every jewelry, characterized by a completely rational harmony, there is a tension of conflicting emotions. One cannot fully know something if does not know its opposite. True harmony is realized only when opposites are in contrast

We strive for “Jewellery Revolution”. We want to expand the seeds of inspiration and change in the community as a whole.

Hence we created special limited editions which mirror the latest international fashion trends.

ANTONIO CANNIZZO has a dark apocalyptic aesthetic that shines inside his cosmic core.

Dramatic looking jewelry with a glam-rock flair. Edgy and dark designs, but still sparkly and elegant

This unique concept holds the legacy of a lost world and of a universe yet to be seen.